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Website copywriting is a fusion of the knowledge you have about your products and market you are in for your business and the knowlege your copywriter has about what motivates people to buy and how to align your product or service to the market.

But what is marketing? What do we mean by the word 'Market'? There is the old story told by the Late Great Copywriter Gary Halbert where he talks to a bunch of direct marketing students. Now, Gary is getting on in years and a bit podgy in the middle and exclaims that he could easily outsell anyone in the room at selling hamburgers but each person could only choose one 'advantage' over the others.

Gary let them all choose an 'advantage' some said better quality beef, some said good location, some said fast service. Gary laughed them all down, he essentially flat out told them that they would all fail.

A bit mean? Perhaps, but Gary had a point to make and it wasn't until he revealed what his 'advantage' was that his purpose came into view.

Gary's one advantage was to have a starving crowd. and the students immediately saw that all their quality beef and prime location all meant nothing without a starving crowd.

Where is your starving crowd, where do they hang out, what do they worry about, what are their biggest problems. These are the things we can use to market your business and generate a starving crowd for your business.

Using a fusion of the very latest techniques combined with time tested human psychology, I create a variety of content for business and organisations that want to reach more people and make more sales. email copywriter, web copywriter, and can do freelance copywriter too. Visit my website at Ian Dove

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